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SOKANY Wonder Chopper SK-7011

SOKANY Wonder Chopper SK-7011

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  • Power : 500 W 
  • capacity : 3


  • Widely used: can make all kinds of delights, minced meat, baby food, condiments, etc.


  • High-quality plum steel shaft: wear-resistant, smooth operation, does not wear out easily, reduces operating noise


  •  Non-slip handle: a handle that fits the design of the human body, with a comfortable and non-slip grip, which facilitates its use


  •  Free your hands: Get the meat quickly in 6 seconds, you will not be tired quickly, prepare your own stuffing and enjoy your meal with ease

  • Easy to disassemble and easy to clean: with the exception of the machine head, other accessories can be disassembled and cleaned.


  •  Practical capacity of 3 liters: large mixing bowl and each time you can get about 2 pounds of meat, you can easily meet the daily needs of the family

  • Fine steel blade in a double-layer S-shaped steel: uniformly twisted spiral, spiral arc blade design, 4 improved sharp blades, double cyclone agitation, no need to wait


  • 3 speed settings: freely control the fineness, depending on the softness and hardness of the food, select the speed, different speeds can produce different finenesses

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