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Dumpling Tray

Dumpling Tray

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About this item:

When we need a quick and easy dumpling maker, this tray mould is how we roll! This is our smartest hack that lets you dump the dumplings-by-hand handbook and smash out a family-sized batch of bite-sized pockets of perfection in one go, in minutes.

It’s so quick and clever, bringing consistent made-from-scratch results with every batch. And so versatile. Our Easy Dumpling Maker works a dream as a ravioli mould, a tortellini tray, or a pelmenitsa and pierogi cutter and press.

Do your dough in minutes with your Thermomix, and roll it out. Give the dumpling mould tray a quick dusting with flour before laying down your first layer of dough, then gently press your finger in each pocket before adding your filling to each pocket. Top with a layer of dough and roll over with your rolling pin. The rubber feet will keep the tray steady and protect your benchtop, as you pop out 37 heavenly healthy dumplings ready to go straight in the pot or Varoma.

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